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2017 #press release


It’s universally accepted that all good businesses require continuous improvement to remain competitive, let alone lead an industry. Over the last almost four years we’ve grown to the point where our founding name no longer adequately represents our capabilities.

With effect from Tuesday 1st August, Globetrekker Challenge will be rebranding to WELLTEQ.

WellteQ is a name that embodies our value proposition – an amalgam of “Wellness”, “Technology” and the “Quantified self”. The re-designed logo is designed to showcase our use of technology to connect the World with health. The colour orange is used to represent energy and vibrancy (important for healthy behavioural change), blue is to signify security and safety (important for our user’s data).

Our company has found a new gear. We’re now connecting tens of thousands of people around the globe with the full breadth of employee engagement – physical, financial, and mental wellness, one-on-one coaching and employee on-boarding programs.

You can contact us through our new website or via email at

WellteQ is a corporate wellness platform specialising in employee engagement and HR data analytics. Based in Singapore the company delivers digital engagement programs for employers globally.

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