4-D Analytics: The Future of Predictive Health!

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4-D Analytics

4-D Analytics at work: baseline, behavioral, environmental and body composition data.

Enter the 4-D World of Digital Health Assessments

Ok, so you’re probably wondering “what is all this 4-D Analytics jargon and how does it benefit me?” Although the technology capability is complex, the user experience and layman’s description are actually really straightforward.

At WellteQ, we concentrate on four dimensions of data to increase employee health engagement by 40%, while simultaneously enhancing your risk analysis capabilities – win-win! Let’s break it down further:

1. Baseline Data

Technology can offer significant accessibility, flexibility and time savings when assessing your employees’ baseline data, including self-reported family and medical history with lifestyle habits.

2. Behavioral Data 

Wearable sensors have evolved to be far more than just step counters. Accessing minute-by-minute activity, heart and sleep data feeds our machine-learning analysis to find correlation between behaviors and health risks.

3. Environmental Data

By putting people first, we create better environments to work in every day, which leads to better health. Understanding what levers improve or reduce workplace satisfaction helps determine employee engagement and mental health scores in more detail.

4. Body Composition Data

WellteQ uses technology from MyFiziq to provide world-first body composition metrics captured using a smartphone, to determine risk profiles. Analysing circumference metrics is significantly superior to measuring weight or BMI when assessing and predicting health risk as it removes the margin of human error.

So what do 4-D Analytics mean for employee engagement?

As we enter a new era in employee wellness, with traditional heath assessments being replaced by digital ones, our 4-D Analytics platform provides you with deeper insights into engagement, health and human capital risk.

By incorporating these four dimensions into your organisation, you can transform both your data-driven ROI and business optimisation.

Discover 4-D Analytics – get in touch with the WellteQ team today.

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