Garmin-WellteQ Partnership Goes from Strength to Strength

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Garmin wearables at work

Back in January 2017, Garmin and WellteQ joined forces to use wearable technology to transform the face of corporate wellness programs.

18 months later and the partnership is still going strong with 56% of WellteQ users now choosing Garmin as their preferred wearable of choice.

Stat Attack

To celebrate our 18-month anniversary, we’ve pulled a few fun stats from our Garmin users. Since January 2017, WellteQ users have:

  • Walked a whopping 486,517,080 steps – the equivalent of trekking the entire length of Great Wall of China 18 times.
  • Clocked up a blissful 8,108,618 hours of sleep – the equivalent of snoozing through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy 9 million times.
  • Kept active for an average of 146 mins a day – the equivalent of 49 rounds of boxing.

WellteQ on Garmin

So clearly our users are loving their Garmins, but what about the WellteQ team?

“Garmin wearables allow us to reach next-level wellness value through fresh employee health experiences and data-driven intelligence”– Scott Montgomery, CEO, WellteQ.

“Garmin simply delivers quality: quality devices, quality data and quality insights.” – Jeames Gillett, COO, WellteQ.

“I literally had no concept of the quantity and quality of my sleep until I started wearing Garmin and partaking in the WellteQ sleep challenges. Being super-competitive, Garmin helps me optimise my sleep patterns to beat my colleagues… don’t snooze you lose!” – Ed Burleigh, Senior Marketing Manager, WellteQ.

Garmin wearables

Garmin vivo series

Garmin on WellteQ

“Garmin’s goal is to offer a clear, concise and price-attainable solution for our clients. That goal is realised by offering a WellteQ platform with Garmin devices. Garmin are world recognised for their best in class health and navigation products, WellteQ are the fast-emerging innovator of wellness engagement and analytics. Coming together helps more people and organisations gain the most out of our wearables so is a win-win for everyone” – Joern Watzke, Director Global B2B Sales, Garmin.

Looking Ahead

WellteQ’s CEO, Scott, will be speaking at the Medical Fair Asia Medicine + Sports Conference about how we use Garmin wearables to measure pre-work fatigue, risk, physiological stress and vocational performances.

We are also hosting an exclusive roundtable event together – stay tuned for further announcements.

To discuss WellteQ’s award-winning analytics solution, get in touch today.

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