It’s actually really simple. We work with you to find out what you need, and we provide you the appropriate solution.

Your current workforce problems :

  • Deteriorating employee health

  • Poor mental wellbeing

  • Employee financial stress

  • Increasing medical claims

  • Higher insurance premiums

  • Low productivity

  • Dwindling motivation and commitment

  • Lack of corporate culture

Implement one of WellteQ’s
corporate wellness strategies

employee engagement dashboard

Get ready to say hello to your
new and improved workforce

  • Re-energised workforce

  • Employees healthy in body and mind

  • Lower medical claims

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Higher productivity rates

  • A unique company culture

Here’s The Flow

​In our world, a corporate wellness program fits your business needs and not our preferences.
For that reason alone, you are always in charge right from the beginning to the end:

Tell Us What You Need

We have an in-depth discussion scoping session to find out what your needs are.

Set Your Preferences

Design how, where and when the program best fits your business, by choosing your own: Start Date, Duration, Theme and Wearable.

Let The Games Begin!

Once the program starts, let us worry about program administration – You can continue with your regular work

Keep Updated

Monitor real time progress and updates on the dashboard all the way through to your completion report.

Are you ready to
revitalize your work force?

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