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Wellteq’s flagship employee engagement program Globetrekker Challenge epitomises the definition of a gold standard corporate wellness program. The application not only delivers a solid wellness solution, it encourages employee engagement through a combination of gamification, social interaction, rewards and team dynamics.

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The Globetrekker Challenge application offers a series of geographical-themed virtual treks that takes users around some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Through the application of gamification, team dynamics and healthy competition, users are motivated to achieve their maximum physical activity potential. This is employee engagement at it’s highest level.

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Your last corporate wellness program: Runaway success or epic fail?

Learn how to execute a smashing corporate wellness program that keeps your employees engaged.

Inside this guide you’ll find:

  • Why a corporate wellness program is important to your business
  • Top mistakes HR managers make in execution and how you can void them
  • Getting employees engaged in your program
  • Step by step to maximise your wellness program success

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