• Keeping financially well

    While employees need to keep company finances in check, they also need to worry about their own.

Understanding financial wellness

Many companies believe corporate wellness is only about helping employees achieve physical excellence. Many other issues that employees face such as mental well-being tend to take a back seat. Studies have shown that worrying about personal finances contribute on average 62% to towards their stress factor.

Financial distraction at work

Out of all employees distracted by financial issues:

1 in 3

employees admit they are distracted at work due to financial issues


spends over 3 hours a week thinking about or dealing with financial issues


cite health issues caused by stress over their personal financial situation


miss work on account of dealing with personal financial matters

Source : Employee Financial Wellness Survey, Pwc 2017

“The impact of employees’ financial stress on productivity levels is real and it’s costing companies money. Human Resource departments need to evaluate the potential reduction in healthcare costs and increased productivity wellness through the application of a financial wellness program.”

AnnonymousWellbeing Manager, Australia

Financial Wellness

We help your employees understand the psychological relationship and financial hierarchy of needs to budget, save, invest and grow by providing insights into the following:

  • Budgeting

  • Cash flow management

  • Insurance

  • Estate planning

  • Understanding risks

  • Investment fundamendals

  • Saving for your future

  • Money and relationships

  • Money and self-worth

  • Goal setting

  • Understanding your value

  • Legacy

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