Engage your teams and empower your business with corporate wellness

Support your teams, no matter where they are. 


Supporting healthier habits

Our digital health coach supports employees to make long-term behaviour changes based on their unique needs. With the wellteq health and wellbeing app, users are motivated to develop healthier habits through team challenges, gamification, personalised content, rewards, incentives and more.

24-7 digital Health Coach

Access to a personalised digital Health Coach with practical daily tips.

Personalised health journeys

Suitable for all fitness levels, ages and health goals. 

Exciting team challenges

Build social connections in and out of workplaces. 

Earn rewards and prizes
Make it rewarding with fun prizes and incentives.

Customer Success

Simple and ready-to-launch

Don’t have time for a wellbeing initiative? Let us take care of it. At wellteq, your success is our success. Chat to our team to learn more.

Flexible and scalable

Pay for what you need

We have digital wellness solutions to suit any sized business. Pay only for what you and your people need, or integrate your platform into our API-first capability for an unrivalled digital solution.

Engage your employees, boost your culture​.

Ready-to-launch platform, ready-to-run programs, personalised digital health coach and more. Build social connections, engage a hybrid workforce while understanding your operational health risks. 

Expand your impact with wellteq

Drive utilisation and engage members with seamless mobile-first experiences. From Rewards to Health Risk Assessments, plug-and-play with many of our integrations. 

Your choice of platform with choice of services.

With the wellteqAPI, seamlessly integrate with your choice of platform, with your choice of wellteq services. Speak to our team to discuss your needs and learn more. 

Looking to partner or resell?

Change the future of healthcare by partnering with our innovative solutions. Learn more.

Need a little more?

wellteqAPI enables you to create more meaningful experiences for your users. Integrate your choice of platform with our suite of services through our API-first capability.

Complete Wellbeing

Interconnected health optimisation


Discover complete wellbeing at your fingertips. Our corporate wellness platform is designed to drive behaviour change and improve health habits and outcomes across mental wellbeing, sleep quality, physical activity and nutrition. 


Why wellteq

Prevent fatigue and burnout

Engage and retain your top talent

Identify key health risks

Empower happier and healthier employees

Helping workplaces achieve the happier and healthier promise



The business case for workplace wellbeing

Be a driver for change in your organisation by discovering how to make a business case for workplace wellbeing.

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Build a healthier and connected workforce

With offices across Asia, Northern America and Australia, we understand the importance of engaging a global and remote workforce.

The wellteq app is available across 32 countries, meeting HIPAA and GDPR standards.

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