High and Dry – Why You Should Consider Dropping the Drinks This July

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Give up alcohol in Dry July

Bin the booze this Dry July!


Since as far back as mankind can recall, no consumption habit conveys a more socialising effect than that of alcohol. Whether it’s for letting off steam with colleagues after a hectic week, reconnecting with old friends or firming up business relations, grabbing a drink at the nearest pub seems to have cemented itself into our modern culture. In celebration of Dry July, consider putting down that drink and picking up a healthier habit instead.

Are You Ready for Dry July?

Yes, this July is all about hanging your booze mugs out to dry. While we’re all aware of the obvious benefits of staying sober (no more hangovers!), there are many other changes associated with adopting a teetotal lifestyle.

Whiskey-soaked Social Bonds

A huge majority of adults like to unwind and socialise over a few drinks, and many of our friendships are actually based around our shared love of alcohol. Yet, passing on the bar over the weekend can be quite a revelation. 

If you manage to rope your friends or colleagues in to join you in Dry July, then congrats – you’ve got a real bunch of pals! While it may seem like the absence of alcohol diminishes the joy of socialising, it actually gives you the opportunity to explore other activities with your friends – park yourselves in a board game café for an afternoon, race each other around a go-kart track or even join that circus fitness class you’re been talking about for ages!

You might very well find that you enjoy these alternative activities more than chugging on a flat beer.

Jump on the Wagon

Here are five other reasons that you should consider lowering your alcohol intake:

1. More money in the bank

Life’s too short to waste on lousy booze, but decent drinks don’t exactly come cheap either, especially if your city has a hefty tax on alcohol. Ultimately, a smaller (preferably non-existent) bar tab means a healthier bank balance. That means you get to either put more away for yourself or have more to play with when the time comes to splurge!

2. Increased productivity

No one likes being at work when their head feels like it’s hosting a party of overenthusiastic woodpeckers. Aside from not having to deal with hangovers, halting the drinks also frees up a bunch of personal time you never thought you had. You can pursue healthier and more restorative activities with your free time, which will lead to you feeling more refreshed and motivated when the time comes to get down to business.

3. Look (and feel) better

Most people who’ve dropped alcohol would agree that the changes are noticeable almost immeditely: weight loss, increased energy levels and improved sleep quality are just some of the physical benefits you can expect to receive.

4. Improved mental health

Alcohol is a depressant, so the more you drink, the more likely you are to feel blue. Easing up on the drink can improve mental wellness, eg less mood swings, decreased anxiety and increased motivation. 

5. Better judgment

You’re also less likely to make hasty decisions while inebriated – the kind that you always end up regretting immensely. You know exactly what we’re talking about – drunk texting is never a good idea!

Last Orders

You don’t have to stop drinking altogether if you’re the sort that enjoys some tipple every now and then. Leading a balanced lifestyle can include indulging in certain vices occasionally, as opposed to maintaining a regular habit of downing several glasses of the strong stuff. Take the time to find something else that you’d enjoy, and you may end up re-evaluating your view of drinking. Or at least try going dry for July and enjoy the benefits!

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