Engineering Safer Work Sites In An Age Of Extreme Weather

Engineering Safer Work Sites In An Age Of Extreme Weather

In this report, you'll understand the effects extreme weather is having on worksites and learn new solutions for reducing heat-induced…

CXO’s Guide To Quantifying ROI On Employee Wellness

CXO’s Guide To Quantifying ROI On Employee Wellness

A 1% increase in participation in employee wellness translates to a 5-10% increase in ROI. Learn how you can do…

Calculating Real ROI On Corporate Wellness

Calculating Real ROI On Corporate Wellness

You'll find the top 5 metrics that you should include in your report and easy to follow simple ROI calculation…

The Emergence Of Mental Health As A Threat To Profitability

The Emergence Of Mental Health As A Threat To Profitability

The report explains why investing in employee mental resilience is also an investment towards your profitability.

Driving Best Practices in Employee Stress and Fatigue

Driving Best Practices in Employee Stress and Fatigue

WellteQ hosted a closed roundtable discussion under Chatham House Rule with key figures from logistics, insurance, aviation and transportation industries.


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wellteq strengthens collaboration with Garmin to counter new COVID-19 surges in the Asia-Pacific region

wellteq is pleased to announce the company has strengthened its collaboration with Garmin®, a leading global provider of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and digital health solutions, to offer new enterprise wellness solutions in the Asia-Pacific region in response to recent COVID-19 surges.

How To Create Workplace Health & Wellness Strategies For Effective Leadership

Written in collaboration with Dr. Stella Muloongo In light of the recent outbreak of a coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China, now officially known as COVID-19, we’ve collaborated with Stella Muloongo, a medical doctor who graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, China to share insights on how medical pandemics can be innovatively managed through effective workplace […]

Is Your Workplace Well?

Written by Victoria Gilbert, Associate Director, Workplace Advisory Corporate Solutions Asia, Colliers International Wellness is becoming a strategic priority for companies across the globe. Over the past few years in there has been a significant uptake and rapid growth of wellness building projects in Asia Pacific – which looks set to continue. Business leaders have […]

wellteq Talks: Garmin Health

Have you ever thought about how wearable technology can support workplace wellness initiatives? COO, Jeames Gillet speaks to our preferred wearable partner Garmin, on the components and benefits of the wellteq mobile platform and the critical role Garmin Health plays in the delivery of this invaluable service. To discuss how our digital wellness solution combined […]

How Healthtech Can Support UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #3

Written by Natalie L. The Daily Escape Good health and well-being – the United Nation’s 3rd sustainable development goal (SDG) – is a crucial consideration for future generations but as a goal, it isn’t one that’s so easily attained. With ambitious targets of increasing life expectancy and decreasing maternal/ infant death rates universally, this SDG […]

5 Ways To Reduce Your Dementia Risk

Here are some top tips written by our neuroscientist partner Savonix, experts in cognitive performance and creators of a mobile neurocognitive assessment and brain health platform. There are many factors that determine whether or not you will experience severe cognitive decline. Dementia is a complex set of diseases not completely understood by physicians and scientists. […]

EAP: The Baby Boomer Of Corporate Wellness

The strategy behind WellteQ’s mental health partnerships Over the last few months wellteq have orchestrated two new partners – Medibio and Lysn. But why and what does this mean for the user and our clients?  Is it a ‘me too’ capability or is it something different in the industry? These are questions worth answering and […]

Fatigue, Burnout and Exhaustion – What’s The Difference?

These terms are popping up regularly and sometimes interchangeably. However, they don’t all mean the same thing. We’d thought to take the opportunity to define each one in relation to the workplace as they impact our mental health in different ways. Totally Tired Feeling tired is the state in which one desires to sleep or […]

wellteq Introduces Tele-psychology In New Partnership With Mental Health Company Lysn

wellteq announces a partnership with Lysn, a mental health company whose technology offers personalised mental health coaching and consultations. Highlights Lysn offers over 500 psychologists on-demand capable of 11 languages with a global reach including triage, learning modules, workshops and presentations.  The combined solution offers psychology with digital wellness and objective mental health screening to […]

Why Work-Related Mental Health Could Be The Biggest Cost In Your Business

Work-related mental health issues affect everyone in their working lives at one point or another across the globe. In Australia, 58% of women and 42% of men in Australia made serious claims on average per year amounting to approximately USD372 million. In the UK for the first time, work-related stress anxiety or depression accounted for […]

The Silent Truth: It’s Time To Act

With a life lost every 40 seconds, the prevalence of suicide is increasing at alarming rates around the world. Despite numerous programs and national campaigns aiming to raise awareness of the warning signs, there is sometimes little indication of the tortuous thought and mental turmoil that brings some to breaking point. Mental health around the […]

Women’s Health Week Special: 3 Top Tips To Treat The Top 3 Troubles

We thought we’d take this opportunity to reflect on a couple of health concerns that women face and the benefits of making just a few healthy life choices. At the turn of the century, most of the illnesses that affected our lives were a result of infection. Modern medicine has meant we’ve conquered most of […]

Top 5 Tips: How To Integrate Your Corporate Mental Health Initiatives

Over 90% of employees surveyed by Heads Up (2014) believed that supporting mental health is important, but only 52% of people believe it’s being addressed. Here are five ways you can help integrate mental health initiatives into your workplace to raise awareness and increase overall participation in a holistic health program. 1. Discuss What’s Happening […]

wellteq Talks: SDG#3 – Good Health and Wellbeing For All

What are the sustainable development goals and what do they mean for the everyday worker around the globe? Dr Sandy Chong from UNAAWA discusses with Scott Montgomery on this latest episode of wellteq Talks. To discuss how our digital wellness solution can benefit your workforce, contact the wellteq team.

The Negative Impact of Stress

Did you know that between 75%-90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints? For this reason, it is important to understand the many different ways in which stress impacts our health and wellbeing. This infographic guide provided by Aris Grigoriou of Study Medicine Europe shows how stress affects the body and […]

The Rise of Mental Health Recognition in the Workplace

WellteQ was recently asked to write an article for the United Nations on how we support mental health initiatives in the workplace. Zoe Cole explains how we deliver on Sustainable Development Goal #3 – Ensuring healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. Current State of Affairs 1 out of 5 Australians take […]

wellteq Partners with Mental Health Tech Company Medibio

APAC’s most progressive wellness engagement and analytics platform partners with pioneering mental health technology company Medibio (ASX: MEB) (OTCQB: MDBIF). Highlights wellteq and Medibio will work together to implement a unique digital solution incorporating Medibio’s mental well-being assessment into wellteq’s personalised and holistic wellness platform. The initial geography will be specific to the rapidly growing […]

Case Study: Construction

Read our latest findings from a market leading study conducted recently with a tier 1 construction and engineering firm. Current Conditions The construction industry is Australia’s second largest industry behind mining and one of the country’s largest employers, employing almost 1.2 million people. advances in technology and new construction software is not only making the […]

Toll Logistics Wellness Program Launches

After months in the making, the personalised wellness program has launched, in time with a newly published corporate video that highlights the data-rich environment the joint platform creates for employers New Video Supports Launch wellteq is pleased to update on the April launch of the Toll Logistics application and the newly produced wellness partner video […]

wellteq Forms Official Partnership with Telemedicine Platform Doctor Anywhere

APAC’s leading wellness engagement and analytics platform partners with Singapore-based telemedicine platform. Doctor Anywhere Now Any Time wellteq is pleased to announce a partnership with telemedicine provider, Dr Anywhere, whose 24/7 virtual consultation rooms allow patients to call in from anywhere for a GP appointment, receive an e-medical certificate that can be sent directly to […]

Happy International Women’s Day 2019

If you follow us on Instagram (@wellteq) then you’ll know we’ve been particularly active today! Shining the spotlight on the women behind the scenes In celebration of International Women’s Day we’ve focussed the spotlight on some of the incredible international females behind wellteq! We can’t thank these brilliant minds enough for their input to our […]

wellteq Partners With Brain Health Platform, Savonix

APAC’s leading wellness engagement and analytics platform partners with cognitive assessment and monitoring technology. Pushing Frontiers in Mental Wellbeing wellteq is proud to announce a partnership with neuropsychology innovator Savonix, whose cognitive assessment tests digitally assess brain health from your smartphone or tablet. The tests are digital versions of a series of globally accepted gold […]

Lockton Adds wellteq to Available Client Services

Lockton and wellteq have inked an agreement that enables the broker to offer holistic benefits and a wellness solution to their clients. Lockton, a global professional services firm with 7,000 associates who advise clients on protecting their people, property and reputations, now includes wellteq’s market-leading corporate wellness solution amongst it’s suite of products and services […]

6 Easy Brain Exercises to Improve Mental Wellness

Exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your body. We all know what happens when we don’t get enough physical activity—without a session at the gym or a good brisk walk before work we find ourselves slipping down the spiral of less motivation and less energy. The less we do, the more challenging […]

Using short naps to boost productivity

Google was one of the first to include nap pods in the workplace,  a decision which at that time dumbfounded the world. Little did they know that Google was on to something, they knew that short naps boost productivity and increase employee wellness. Companies such as Uber and Cisco soon followed in Google’s footsteps by relaxing […]

What’s Your Hard Return On Employee Wellness?

The importance of ROI reporting on your corporate wellness program In recent years, corporate wellness programs have moved on from being a “good to have” employee benefit to an actual strategic investment that can positively impact bottom line. Corporate wellness companies such as WellteQ strive to address core business goals while improving employee heath, well-being, […]

How To Be Ok With Making Mistakes At Work

How to be ok with making mistakes at work Email blunders are fairly common in the workplace. To make matters worse, there’s no way to recover an email once it’s been sent! However, here are some tips that you can follow to hopefully turn your mistake from an embarrassing memory to a light-hearted anecdote. What’s your […]

5 Steps To Financial Wellness

Remember how we were always encouraged to save our spare change as kids? For some (myself included), the joy came from pushing coins through the little slots of our piggy banks and hearing that satisfying “clink” as they fell. Of course, that experience was only bested when the time came to empty out said piggy […]

HR Data Analytics Key to Workplace Wellness

Did you know that using Human Resources (HR) data could help improve wellness in the workplace? HR data analytics refers to the analysis process performed on HR data with the specific intention of improving employee performance and satisfaction. The goal of this analysis is for organizations get the best return on investment from their associated […]

How not to put on holiday weight

It’s tough to stay on track with your diet and fitness regimen when you’re on holiday. Although part of the purpose of a holiday is to totally give in to your cravings and enjoy guilty pleasures, there are still ways to keep to a healthy regime and avoid gaining unnecessary holiday weight. Try the following […]

Holistic Health: The value of HR Data Analytics

Many companies are now recognising the benefits of a healthy and happy workforce more than ever before. If employees feel positive about their jobs, they are likely to perform better and take less sickness leave, costing less money and providing less work for the HR department. In the past, however, it has been difficult for […]

How Corporate Wellness Effects Insurance Premiums

The right corporate wellness strategies can help you shave hundreds of thousands of dollars off your health costs and insurance premiums. Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit; your employees also stand to gain from cost savings arising from incentives like premium reductions. So how much cost savings do organisations actually achieve? What programs should […]

Mindfulness: A Macro-Nutrient For Modern Day Employees

In our pressure cooker of a work environment today, where information overload, a frenetic pace and poor work-life balance are factors that plague a good majority of the workforce, sorting through the chaos while maintaining a sense of calm and focus is a task that’s increasingly hard to master. It’s times like these that employers […]

What Is Mental Health Hygiene?

What exactly is mental health hygiene? We all have habits regarding our health that we perform daily, weekly, or monthly. Perhaps you focus on keeping up your fruit and vegetable intake, your fitness, or keeping alcohol intake in check. These behaviours come under the ‘health hygiene’ umbrella. Health hygiene is any practice or behaviour focused […]

Data Privacy – What does My Wearable And Corporate Health Program Tell My Employer?

Wearables, a trendy addition to the fitness scene, along with corporate health programs can provide valuable insights into your health — alerting you on aspects like the number of calories you’ve burnt and how well you’ve slept, to potential health risks you may face down the road. Now imagine having all that information in the hands of […]