wellteq advances its sleep solution capabilities


Recognising the importance of sleep within established occupational Health and Safety divisions of industries where fatigue-related accidents can cause serious injury, fatality, and significant direct and liability costs is critical. Industries such as aviation, logistics, mining, construction, and oil and gas have had dedicated divisions to combat this risk for decades. 

However, in recent times and under newfound stressors, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a rising prevalence of sleep disturbance from conditions like insomnia, stress and anxiety which directly impact fatigue, burnout and exhaustion across almost all vocations. 

Under a recently completed perpetual licence agreement, wellteq is pleased to announce further advancements will soon be available to combat and contain the disturbance of sleep –one of its four behavioural levers of health coaching. 

Hosted via wellteq’s accessible, anytime and anywhere app platform, enhanced sleep chronotype assessments alongside supporting education from one of Asia Pacific’s leading sleep technology providers, will soon be made available to wellteq subscribed organisations. 

“As previously articulated, sleep is an area of high focus within our corporate development strategy because of its horizontal importance across the continuum of care from wellness to clinical care. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the prevalence of sleep disruption effecting people in their personal lives and their job roles.”


The wellteq product has been developed to uniquely coach an organisations workforce across the four levers of behavioural health – activity, nutrition, mindset, and sleep. 

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