wellteq partners with LifeSpeak, expanding mental health programs


wellteq is pleased to announce their partnership with LifeSpeak, a premier health and wellbeing platform with more than two decades of experience producing expert-led digital content.

The integrated partnership will provide wellteq clients and users with an extended library of in-app content targeted towards a wide range of critical topics, including mental health, stress management and sleep.

This is a timely announcement, given research has shown that 42% of employees worldwide have experienced a decline in their mental health since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

wellteq CEO Scott Montgomery comments: “The impact of the pandemic on mental health and the normalisation of dispersed workforces highlights the importance of giving employees anytime, anywhere access to relevant and engaging information that drives better health outcomes.”

Deployed with the sophistication of wellteq’s personalisation technology engine, the in-app video content will look to promote an improvement in both health literacy and health outcomes in app users.

“It is essential that organisations take a proactive and preventative approach to mental health issues. Apathy is no longer an option, and it is critical that business leaders support the wellbeing of their people with high-quality educational resources and tools” 

Michael Held, CEO, and founder of LifeSpeak 

“Our expert-led educational content has helped millions of people across dozens of industries, and we’re thrilled to partner with wellteq, a highly innovative organisation that strives to achieve lasting change through ongoing support and coaching of those in need.” 

The LifeSpeak content partnership commenced integration from September 2021 across the Asia Pacific with a view to expand geographically in 2022. 

wellteq is an award-winning digital health and wellbeing solution on a mission to coach better wellbeing habits. With a focus on affordability and accessibility, wellteq simplifies health navigation through leveraging health and data science to bring personalised health coaching to the workplace. 

Read the full Press Release here

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