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What’s your hard return on employee wellness?

The importance of ROI reporting on your corporate wellness program In recent years, corporate wellness programs have moved on from…

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How to be ok with making mistakes at work

How to be ok with making mistakes at work Email blunders are fairly common in the workplace. To make matters worse,…

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5 steps to financial wellness

Remember how we were always encouraged to save our spare change as kids? For some (myself included), the joy came…

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HR data analytics key to workplace wellness

Did you know that using Human Resources (HR) data could help improve wellness in the workplace? HR data analytics refers…

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How not to put on holiday weight

It’s tough to stay on track with your diet and fitness regimen when you’re on holiday. Although part of the…

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Holistic health: the value of HR data analytics

Many companies are now recognising the benefits of a healthy and happy workforce more than ever before. If employees feel…

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How corporate wellness impacts insurance premiums

The right corporate wellness strategies can help you shave hundreds of thousands of dollars off your health costs and insurance…

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Mindfulness: a macro-nutrient for modern day employees

In our pressure cooker of a work environment today, where information overload, a frenetic pace and poor work-life balance are…

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What Is mental health hygiene?

What exactly is mental health hygiene? We all have habits regarding our health that we perform daily, weekly, or monthly.…

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