How not to put on holiday weight


It’s tough to stay on track with your diet and fitness regimen when you’re on holiday. Although part of the purpose of a holiday is to totally give in to your cravings and enjoy guilty pleasures, there are still ways to keep to a healthy regime and avoid gaining unnecessary holiday weight. Try the following tips to help you stay active and eat healthy while you travel.

Bring your own airplane food

Bringing your own food is a healthier alternative than eating a high sodium meal that is usually served on the plane. Packing healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetable slices or sandwiches can help to avoid indigestion on long flights.

Sneak in small exercise sessions

If you’re going on a long holiday, it is best not to have three consecutive days without working out. Bring your sport shoes and active wear so you can go for quick workout at the hotel gym. Also consider downloading a workout video on your mobile phone or laptop that you can exercise to in the privacy of your hotel room.

Going for a quick 30min morning run in your vacation city can be another way to take in the sights.

Practice portion control

You’ll find yourself eating out nearly every day when you’re on vacation. However, indulging in local delicacies and trying everything doesn’t mean you need to stuff yourself at every meal. Share dishes or treats with your family and friends to lessen your calorie intake.

Make conscious healthy choices

Little things such as skipping the bread basket, avoiding sugary drinks or choosing grilled instead of fried can make a big difference. Always opt for the healthy choice.

We understand that sticking to your health routine while on vacation is impossible and maybe even missing the point of a holiday in the first place. However, if you want to avoid putting on that holiday weight that your friends and colleagues will be so quick to point out,  following these easy tips will help you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals despite indulging while you travel.

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