Four Common Myths Around Active Lifestyles!

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Active lifestyle

What’s holding you back from an active lifestyle?

When it comes to keeping fit, many of us are guilty of creating expectations on the time and level of disruption that such a change brings, which can put us off from pursuing an active lifestyle. 

Balancing Act

While staying active will affect your personal life, the idea that you can’t maintain a balance is untrue. Incorporating it into your lifestyle is far more progressive than most people realise, and the benefits are obvious. Like any other habit, it gets easier with time until it becomes almost second nature. 

One of the first things you should do is dispel the myths around active lifestyles. Here are four common myths we can squash right now!

1. There’s Isn’t Enough Time in the Week 

Many people have a fixed idea of how much time it takes to ‘get fit’. The truth is fitness regimes can (and should) be scaled to individual profiles. No one’s asking you to spend three hours in the gym every day when you already have a packed work schedule! From the number of days per week right down to the time per session, a good fitness plan should allow to make full use of the time you have available to you to get the results that you want.

Multitasking fitness

You can always make time to be active

2. Exercise is Exhausting 

Yes, training can be tiring, especially at the beginning. However, most take the exhaustive aspect of exercise a little too far. A good training session shouldn’t leave you feeling like a husk of your former self. In fact, research shows that staying active regularly maintains and even improves energy levels, focus and productivity. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see employers support fitness within the workplace via several initiatives like free fitness classes, discount gym memberships or corporate wellness programs.


Working out doesn’t have to negatively impact productivity

3. Gyms Are So Expensive

While that shiny new gym with the oak interior, steam sauna and jacuzzi pool has every right to charge a hefty premium, it doesn’t mean that you can’t shop around! The fitness industry has come a long way since the ’80s – big-chain gyms and neighbourhood fitness clubs are no longer as polarising as they once were. It really isn’t all that uncommon to see smaller establishments offering the same staples as commercial gyms but at a lower cost, with some even offering special amenities such as 24-hour access. And even if it still exceeds your budget, there’s always the local park to get your sweat session on!

4. Staying Active Means Not Having a Social Life

You hear a lot of stories about how adopting an active lifestyles can affect your relationships, eg being phased out of a social circle for not wanting to drink alcohol the whole time. The truth is that there will be some people in your life who won’t be able to understand your desire to change initially, or even at all. The important thing is they understand how this is your decision and afford you the appropriate amount of respect. When it comes to your end, do your part by not shoving your new lifestyle change down their throats – adopting a holier-than-thou attitude is a sure-fire way to annoy people. You might even find that your active lifestyle leads to new relationships.

Friends at the gym

Social aspects of working out

Step in the Right Direction

Part of the reason why such myths exist is the level of change an active lifestyle requires. We are naturally averse to sudden change, so we come up with excuses to protect ourselves from the unfamiliarity. Yet, change has always been the thing that precedes progress. While you may never know for sure just how far you’ll end up going, rest assured that it will at least be a step in the right direction.

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