Contextual wellness in the age of COVID-19

Managing disproportionate pandemic anxiety and stress in Australia, Singapore and other nations achieving disease control success.

  • Resource
    Published Journal
  • Authors
    George A. Gellert, Tess E. Gellert
  • Original publication date
    December 2021
  • Publisher
    Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Executive Summary

As digital wellness and population health company operating in Australia, Asia, Canada, and the United States, it has been surprising to observe very high levels of COVID-19 related anxiety and stress where the actual incidence and public health impact of SARS-CoV-2 is remarkably low.1,2 Logic would suggest that COVID-19- related anxiety and stress would be proportional to actual local incidence, hospitalisation rates, mortality and individual disease risk. However, the unique cultural, economic and political dimensions of the era in which this pandemic is occurring have contributed much to inverting that expectation.

George explores what contextual wellness in the age of COVID-19 means in managing disproportionate pandemic anxiety and stress.


  1. Public perception of SARS-CoV-2 risk of infection in Australia and Singapore
  2. Factors influencing COVID-19 Anxiety
  3. Balancing appropriate anxiety with effective disease control

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