Engineering safer worksites in an age of extreme weather

In July 2018, wellteq was engaged by a tier 1 construction and engineering firm, over a 6-month period, to help…

Executive summary

The construction industry is Australia’s second-largest industry behind mining and one of the country’s largest employers, employing almost 1.2 million people. Advances in technology and new construction software is not only making the industry more efficient and profitable but more productive, with an increase in output of approximately 2.8% YOY.

Some of the key results that were observed over a 6-month period included:

  • 44% improvement in overall health
  • 15% improvement in resilience
  • 29% improvement in energy levels
  • 10% decrease in stress at work
  • 37% decrease in stress at home

When asked what they liked most about the program, responses included comments about feeling more connected to co-workers, improvements in team morale and the thoughtfulness and effort put in from the employer.

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