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The Hidden Public Health Problem of Inadequate Sleep: Deploying Digital Mobile Technology to Improve Employee Sleep Hygiene in Asia

A sleep duration improvement program was implemented using a smartphone application with the employee population of one of the largest…

  • Resource
    Published Journal
  • Authors
    George A Gellert, Scott Montgomery, Jeames Gillett, Tess E Gellert, Jeremy Hole, Shawn Hoo, Andrew Kerekes and Pheona Chua
  • Original publication date
    December 2021
  • Publisher
    Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health Care
  • wellteq

Executive summary

A sleep duration improvement program was implemented using a smartphone application with the employee population of one of the largest digital banks in Asia, and across 13 nations of East, South and Southeast Asia. Participating employees were challenged to record and improve their sleep duration competitively over a 7-day period. The intervention method employed to encourage employees to engage included providing easy to assimilate, timely education on the criticality of sleep health, and conveying and reinforcing supportive motivational messaging at critical junctures. Straightforward messages imparted specific, personalized and practical educational content, tips, and resources around the importance and “how to” of improving sleep habits/hygiene and reducing disrupted and disordered sleep. Personal performance statistics were conveyed to each employee user, and awards and incentives deployed to increase program compliance and completion. Participants’ sleep duration was primarily recorded objectively via wearables (i.e., Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple smartwatches or fitness trackers), or subjectively through self-reporting within the mobile application.


  • Introduction
    • The Critical Importance of Employee Sleep Duration, Quality and Hygiene
  • Methods
    • Effectively Converging Engagement, Education, Incentives and Technology to Improve Sleep Duration and Hygiene
    • Intervention Objectives and Technology Deployed
    • Study Setting
    • Study Participants and Selection
    • Intervention Content and Outcomes Metrics Captured
  • Results
    • Demonstrated Improvement in Average Sleep Duration in a Multinational, Multiregional Financial Services Industry Leader
  • Discussion
    • Employee Health Improvement and Risk Reduction Requires a Discrete Focus on Sleep Hygiene
  • Conclusion
    • The Future of Sleep Medicine and Employee Health is here, and it is Digital

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