Personalised health experiences, in your pocket

Accessible anytime and anywhere, digital e-health solutions are convenient, easy-to-use and anonymous.

A complete digital health ecosystem

A personalised digital health app for your employees. A customisable analytics platform for your business.

Proactive, personalised and scalable

Engage with rewards, fun challenges, personalised health coaching and wellbeing programs combined with easy access to EAP and tele-care.


Mental health focussed engagement programs

Based on neuroscience and clinical psychology, wellteq's mental health programs, co-scripted with Deakin University's School of Psychology, present actionable education across stress, anxiety and depression with strategies to build coping tools and resilience.


Data-driven decision making

Powerful analytics to help you data-driven decision making on ROI modelling and risk correlation.

Flexible, simple and quick-to-launch

We have digital wellness solutions to suit any sized business.
For employers
Data-driven insights. High-level security. Continued support. Increase workplace engagement and productivity with a digital wellness solution that puts the power to foster organisational change in your hands.
For insurers
Customisable branding. Innovative solutions. Enhanced engagement. Build enduring brand loyalty while driving better health outcomes with white-labelled wellness technology designed for both corporate and consumer policy holders.
For partners and resellers
Increased reach. Easy integration. Continued improvement. Change the future of healthcare by combining your platform with ours for an unrivalled digital solution.

Driven by real results.

We seek to make an impact where it counts the most.

Wake up feeling
more refreshed
Reduction in
stress profile*
People feel
Net increase in
Net increase in
People reduced
alcohol intake
Client results from various sample sizes from 100 up to 1,000 users across countries within Asia Pacific (APAC) *Correlated with wearable data

Supporting you on your wellbeing journey

Your personalised digital wellbeing coach, helping you to monitor and improve your mind, sleep, physical activity and nutrition.

Holistic health at your fingertips

Our extensive suite of features ensures that you can reach your wellbeing goals, no matter their definition.

Digital coaching • workforce analytics • rewards and recognition • mental health programs • health risk assessments • healthy habits • body scanning telehealth and EAP communications planning • and much more.

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