Global logistics firm Toll to launch WellteQ Wellness platform with MyFiziq

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  • Contract signed with global transport and logistics provider Toll
  • Integration of the MyFiziq platform into the Toll corporate wellness platform
  • The offer will go out to 12,000 Australian-based staff
  • MyFiziq will be embedded alongside a number of activity challenges, rewards, health and fatigue prevention programs with virtual coaching, blood pathology across the application within the Toll offering.
  • WellteQ brings a vast number of user acquisition opportunities to MyFiziq with a client portfolio that includes APAC & EMEA employers Credit Suisse, King & Wood Mallesons, Qantas, Telstra and Bupa to name a few.
  • Corporate Wellness is a fast-growing 47-billion-dollar per annum vertical.

MyFiziq Limited (ASX: MYQ) (“MyFiziq” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that WellteQ has signed a contract with Australia’s largest transport and logistics provider, Toll. MyFiziq will be incorporated into WellteQ’s application and made available across Toll’s Australian workforce. WellteQ has once again demonstrated their unique offering with the inclusion of the MyFiziq Technology in its wellness platform to further make its mark in the 47-billion-dollar global corporate wellness market.

Under the commercial terms between WellteQ and MyFiziq, MyFiziq will be integrated into WellteQ’s state-of-the-art wellness analytics platform. The application will be released to Toll’s 12,000 Australian employees in Q1-2019.

WellteQ has an existing corporate clientele with both Australian multinationals and global Fortune 500 companies including but not limited to Qantas, Bupa, Prudential, Telstra, Credit Suisse, Rolls Royce, Deakin University, King & Wood Mallesons, and GWSW AFL to name a few.

WellteQ is currently demonstrating the advanced analytics when combined with the MyFiziq solution to its clients with a view to grow its monthly users to 500,000 by 2020. Under the commercial terms of the agreement, MyFiziq will receive a per user payment of US$2.99 per user per month.

Vlado Bosanac, Chief Executive Officer of MyFiziq, said:

“This is another great opportunity for MyFiziq to showcase our tech in the world of corporate wellness. We bring capabilities to WellteQ that no other Wellness platform in the world can provide. The ability to map anthropometric data against blood pathology, activity, stress levels and sleep patterns is a world first and WellteQ are winning deals because of it.

This will be one of multiple organisations worldwide that are positioning themselves with offerings to the corporate wellness space. Combining our technology with WellteQ will be a paradigm shift in analytic capabilities for the employer and the individual. Taking fitness and wellness into the workplace has been growing rapidly with corporations acknowledging the need to engage with their workers on their healthy body, healthy mind outcomes to further expand better workplace outcomes and productivity.

“It’s undeniable, when looking at the corporate register WellteQ bring to MyFiziq, this is an exciting pathway to increase revenue for both organisations. WellteQ analyse multiple facets of the employee’s activity in and out of the workplace, with multiple engagement protocols from mental wellbeing to activity tracking. The holy grail of this activity for the employer is the ability to not only assist in better productivity, but to augment the change and be able to deliver a visual tool that shows the return and change their employees are achieving.”

Scott Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer of WellteQ said:

“This integrated wellness, anthropometric and biometric solution being a world first, Toll has proven itself as a truly innovative and caring employer. The forward vision of the executive and their willingness to bring this solution to their employees shows both dynamic and pivotal resolve for their employee’s wellbeing. MyFiziq, being the only solution of its kind is a perfect fit for our growing list of elite partners. Through their technology, we can very accurately assess and monitor changes in body measurement within our users as they participate in our behaviour change programs – this is a step change in our ability to accurately calculate health risk and ROI. For our clients, this enhances our contribution to a data-driven HR business function, and for the user, the employee, a world-class engagement feature that further feeds intrinsic motivation with a visually engaging avatar that quantifies their results as reward for health improvement efforts.”

About WellteQ

WellteQ is the leading digital wellness solution for employee health engagement and HR data analytics. Recognised globally as a leading B2B wearable agnostic platform, our suite of innovative engagement programs including activity challenges, mental wellness, financial wellness, HR onboarding, virtual coaching and telehealth for employees. We offer the most comprehensive data analytics for real-time engagement and post-program ROI in the market.

Solutions are highly customizable and provide an experience packed with gamification, group projects, social interaction, rewards and charity all to maximise healthy behavioural change. With customisation comes flexibility, which is paramount for businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world today.

About MyFiziq

MyFiziq is an augmenter of current technologies, rather than a disruptor. We partner with highly scaled existing applications and provide our partners with a deeper insight into the data they currently retrieve from their users.

When consumers step, ride, train, calorie count or simply buy clothing online, the end result is a drive toward understanding human dimensions or change. MyFiziq provide that missing link to why users engage with other ecosystems.

MyFiziq is a revolutionary technology embedded in a partner’s applications that uses pictures from your smartphone to create a representation of you in the form of a 3D avatar with accurate circumference measurements. Partners embed our SDK (Software Development Kit) into their new or existing apps, and then customize the experience to satisfying their branding requirements.

MyFiziq leverages the power of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and patented algorithms, to process these images on secure, enterprise-level infrastructure, delivering an end-to-end experience that is unrivalled in the industry.

Body measurements provide more useful information about shape changes than simply measuring weight. MyFiziq simplifies the collection of these measurements and removes the margin of human error present in traditional tape measure methods.

For more information please visit or contact:

Vlado Bosanac,
Chief Executive Officer
MyFiziq Limited

David Tabb
Chief Operation Officer
MyFiziq Limited

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