Foods that can help boost mood and energy

What you eat can really affect your mental wellbeing. Some foods even have the ability to boost your energy, cognition…

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The future of healthcare – a virtual ecosystem

wellteq CEO Scott Montgomery shares insights behind the wellteq HealthHub including where, when and how this technology can be utilised…

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What’s the difference between fatigue, burnout and exhaustion?

In recent years, fatigue, burnout and exhaustion have become frequently mentioned topics – particularly since the onset of the global…

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How men can take ownership of their own mental health

Registered Psychotherapist Mícheál O’Rourke discusses men's mental health, the taboo around it and ways to support oneself. Watch the video…

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wellteq announces release of the IoMT Healthhub

wellteq has released the Company’s internet of medical things (IoMT) HealthHub into device integrations with Beta research partners for testing…

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wellteq launches north america

wellteq expands into Canada and North America

wellteq announces strategic expansion into North America through the appointment of Mr. Andrew Hvizd as Head of Growth (NA) for…

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What are the four pillars of health and wellbeing?

There are four pillars that make up the foundation of your wellbeing: mind, activity, sleep and nutrition – and all…

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How to time your naps to boost your energy 

Naps can offer significant health and wellbeing benefits, including increased alertness, better memory, improved mood and reduced fatigue. Learn how to…

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Is it bad to have a food “cheat” day?

Nishta Saxena, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition, discusses the dangers of having a "cheat day" mindset. Watch the video to learn…

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wellteq sleep program improves average nightly sleep by 38 minutes

Employee sleep program results as published in the Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health Care in the United States

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